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G-ONE1 Loop Addressable

1 Loop Addressable

1 Loop Addressable

The G-One is a versatile compact addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel which can be surface or recess mounted. The powerful cause and effect programming capabilities along with enhanced system diagnostics performance makes this control panel suitable for a wide range of applications from small to large buildings or sites with complex multiple areas.

With the addition of a network card the G-One incorporates the advanced peer-to-peer, multi-master Chameleon Networking communications protocol. The Chameleon Network can accommodate up to 32 networked fire alarm control panels (NODE’s). Each control panel (NODE) has its own internal configuration along with the entire Network configuration backed up, which provides a high level of networking security and resilience required for distributed fire detection and alarm systems.

The G-One fire alarm control panel uses either RS 422 or Fibre Optic communications for the network, which is usually wired in a fault-tolerant loop configuration, providing multi-path system integrity for high speed monitoring and data communication. Additional ethernet interfaces provide further networking options allowing the system to communicate over other infrastructures. The control panel also has the provision to connect to CHAMELEON repeater panels, using any of the networking interfaces of the CHAMELEON Networking protocol.

The high resolution, high contrast backlit blue graphical LCD display provides a clear and effective user interface which can accommodate any type of custom characters or graphical symbols, allowing multiple language support as well as pictorial and customisable elements.

The G-One can be securely accessed remotely via our proprietary ODYSSEY Graphics Interface or our TCPIP-WE monitoring platform. Integration with third-party Building Management Systems (BMS) is provided via a dedicated Modbus output.

The system programming can easily be done on-site via the onboard navigation keypad or by using the powerful PC CHAMELEON CONNECTOR configuration software which is downloaded to the control panel or broadcast to the network via a USB connection.